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Robinson Industries High Volume Oil Pump Gear Hayabusa (99-19)

Regular price $115.00


  • Increased oil volume, especially at lower rpms and at idle
  • Unique tooth shape allows the pump to spin faster without the need to change the drive gear on the clutch basket.
  • Simple installation
  • Original design with zero fail rate

This high volume oil pump gear is a direct bolt in replacement for the OEM oil pump gear. This gear causes the pump to turn at faster speeds which increases oil volume and thus pressure at a lower RPM.

The gear on the clutch basket does not have to be changed. Initial testing revealed the following improvements on the test bike: 3000RPM, 32psi with stock gear. 52psi with high volume gear. 6000RPM, 72psi stock high volume gear. A must have for all Hayabusa's that are subject to high performance type riding.

It is normal for there to be a slight whine noise coming from the water pump area until this gear seats in.