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LKG Penske by Cole Air Shock

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Penske Air Drag Shock


Having a properly set-up suspension is one of the most important things you can do to gain maximum performance out of your bike. There is nothing worse than having a bike make 300+ HP if you can’t use that power on the track. This all starts with having suspension that is setup exactly for the rider and bike they are riding.

The concept of an air shock is not new. We decided to take the concept to a new level. One of the most common complaints with drag shocks is stiffness versus plush suspension feel. On other shock absorbers, in order to plant the tire you need to use enough spring pressure to do so and have the valving to control it , the tradeoff is it feels too stiff to a rider and is too stiff everywhere else on the track giving up much needed power added.

The Penske Pro Air Drag Shock eliminates this trade off with our two separate air chambers. One chamber controls ride height and the plush feel, while the other controls launch stiffness and bottoming resistance. This allows you to leave the line hard yet still maintain control on gear changes and bumpy track surfaces. Inside the air spring system is our race-proven hydraulic piggyback shocks. Based on years of development, this patent- pending shock absorber uses a volume of nitrogen or air to create the needed suspension spring rate and maintains a traditional hydraulic shock absorber at heart. Dual-stage air effect technology allows the user to independently tune ride height and spring rate for the ultimate in customization to track conditions and riding style. Imagine having a traditional spring shock, a whole truckload of springs, and imagine that you can change them in a few seconds without removing the shock. Any Spring rate combination for any track condition , bike wheelbase and rider combo in just a few minutes. Now imagine you can't feel any of the harsh friction of the spring and that you won’t notice any hard bottoming out of the chassis.


  • Comes standard with Double Adjustable Damping (1 Compression, 1 Rebound).
  • Optional Triple Adjustable Damping (2 Compression (hi-lo), 1 Rebound).
  • Easy to Grab and Adjust Compression and Rebound Knobs.
  • Auxiliary Air Chamber to Allow Independent Tuning of Spring Rate Progression
  • Low-Friction Seals and Wipers for Low Breakaway Force.
  • WC/C Coated Inner Tube for Added Durability and Low-Friction.
  • Carbon Fiber Guard.


  • Reduced Suspension Weight.
  • Progressive/Digressive Air Spring Effect not Achievable with Standard Coil Springs.
  • Infinite Adjustment of Spring Rate and Ride Height.
  • Proven Race Winning Components.

**Also note price may increase depending on model. Some models require fabrication of existing parts. For these models, additional labor is added. The application chart will show cost that will be added.**

**All shocks are hand built, build time varies please contact us for a current wait time.**