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Kibblewhite Intake Valve, White Diamond Stainless, Suzuki Hayabusa 1999-2023

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Fits 1999-2023 Hayabusa

The KPMI® valve designs for the Suzuki® Hayabusa utilize a proprietary material and heat treatment process that enhances the durability of the valve face to retard valve face recession. For several years now, this material and heat treatment process was coupled with the KPMI® Black Diamond™ surface treatment. During the heat treatment stage of manufacturing, the Black Diamond™ coating would come under attack and suffer oxidation and corrosion, leaving a new valve looking used. Although this combination of processes did achieve a superior stainless one piece valve that would prove to have a highly durable valve face, the valve heads had an unaesthetic appearance (see Figure 1 and 2). Recently, the KPMI® engineering department completed design reviews for all valves with these issues. The solution was to move away from the KPMI® Black Diamond™ treatment and introduce the well-recognized and proven KPMI® White Diamond® coating and then post process after heat treatment to leave the head of the valve in a beautiful polished stainless finish (see Figure 1 and 2). We hope you are as excited as we are to provide you with these enhanced valve designs that we will be introducing in a superseding fashion over the next few months.

Type Intake
Material White Diamond® Stainless
Coating Hard Chrome
Pkg. of 1
Head Diameter 33.00mm / 1.299" or 34.00mm / 1.339"
Stem Diameter 5.0mm / 0.1962"
Tulip 18º
Overall Length 3.745" or 3.750"
Remarks Standard or Oversize
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS