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Hayabusa ARP 1/2” Head Studs

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   In late 2009 during a conversation with "Mr 311", Bill Warner he explained why he needed 1/2" cylinder studs for his Land Speed Racing Hayabusa.   Shortly thereafter in a joint venture with Automotive Racing Products (ARP) the incredibly stout 1/2" Hayabusa studs were manufactured to our specifications.  After discussions with industry leading engine builders we produced a stud that would properly suit all known applications from monster HP turbos to long stroke NA engines.  

   The Heads Up Performance/ARP Hayabusa 1/2" cylinder studs are produced with ARP's proprietary ARP 2000 material they have a tensile strength of 220,000 psi!!  The studs have proven themselves time and time again over the past decade from Bill's historic land speed records to the multiple Pro Street Championships of Rodney Wiliford aboard his non wheelie bar Busa blistering the 1/4 mile in 6 seconds at well over 200 mph!  

Many of the fastest, most powerful and reliable Hayabusa's around the world have trusted these ARP cylinder studs and the other ARP engine fasteners.  Shouldn't you?

   These studs will work in all years of the Hayabusa and require the cases to be professionally bored and tapped for 1/2" x 20 threads.  The cylinder and cylinder head stud holes need to be enlarged as well.  The kit is supplied with 7/8" hardened 12 point nuts and washers that require the washer pocket to be spot faced to accept the larger diameter.  We have determined that the larger nut/washer combo allows the us to fully utilize the capabilities of the stud.  

We stock and offer individual studs, washers and nuts if ever needed. Just contact us for that 

Studs work in all model years of the Suzuki Hayabusa with the above mentioned machine work.