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DME Racing’s Mark 1 Exhaust Header

Regular price $1,850.00


DME Racing’s Mark 1 Exhaust Header features our unique reversion cone that creates back pressure naturally to deliver performance gains on the race track.

The Mark 1 is available in two styles for high horsepower naturally aspirated motors and nitrous bikes.

  • Our Standard Pipe for bikes that are naturally aspirated, that sometimes use nitrous, features a step from 1 3/4″ to   1 7/8″.
  • Our Pro Nitrous Pipe for naturally aspirated systems that use all nitrous, features a 1 7/8″ diameter pipe.


  • Reversion Cone
  • Fits flush with the bottom case. 
  • Will fit motorcycles that are short-necked and de-raked.
  • Some bikes require modifications of the radiator.
  • ZX 14 radiators will have to be cut.

 All systems are made to order and take 3-5 weeks to build on average however times may vary.