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Carbon Fiber Hayabusa Lowered Tank Shell Fuel Cell Combo

Regular price $1,190.00

A perfect fitting combination of a DME Carbon X lowered tank shell fitted with a JL Designs fuel cell.

-Fits 99-Present stock rail Hayabusa

-Made for in-tank or external fuel pumps. In tank setup features a 10 hole plate so the fuel pump can be rotated  

-Carbon fiber setup weight approximately 4lbs

-These are made to order, lead time varies depending on the season

-There are two shipping charges summed up into one at checkout. First, the shell is made in Florida then shipped to Texas to have the cell fitted. The shell is then shipped to you.

Standard tank holds approximately 1 gallon, and the XL cell holds approximately 2 gallons.

Carbon Fiber Finish

All CarbonX products come in a raw finish to allow the customer to either paint or clear coat parts to their preference. If you do not intend to paint your piece, we recommend having a matte or gloss clear coat to protect the product from UV discoloration.

Carbon Fiber Yellowing
Carbon fibers products are not susceptible to UV damage. However, the resin used to bond carbon fibers together can be and will yellow over time.

Carbon Fiber Seams
Some Carbon fiber products will have a noticeable seam where materials meet due to multi-piece molds necessary to build strong, dependable products.

Carbon Fiber Imperfections
Slight imperfections of carbon fiber material are to be expected. Our carbon fiber products are hand-crafted one piece at a time. Imperfections such as blemishes are inevitable and do not affect their intended performance purpose.

CarbonX products are purpose-built for performance, not the showroom floor.