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Brock’s Clutch Cushion Kit GSX-R1000 (01-04)

Regular price $219.00


  • Mounts on inner hub before clutch pack is installed
  • Floating action promotes chatter-free operation during dead stop launches
  • Quicker ETs for serious sportbike drag racing
  • Smoother operation, especially with modified engines/chassis
  • Heavy duty spring kit included for longest clutch life and highest MPH
  • Up to 25% more lever pressure for drag and high speed racing
  • Click here to view installation instructions

With Brock's Performance Products Clutch Cushion Kit, the clutch actuation is COMPLETELY chatter-free. There is no longer a need to oil your clutch plates before heading to the track with the hopes of getting a couple of smooth passes in before they start acting up. This feature alone saves the stock GSX-R1000 owner a considerable amount of work, time and hassle.

Another feature is noticeably increased clutch life due to the addition of Brock's Performance engineered clutch springs designed specifically for this application. In big-displacement/high-torque applications, the results are multiplied even greater. The modified-engine GSX-R1000 owner has been frustrated in the past due to the unpredictable action of the clutch when additional power is applied. Billet 'this and that' help some, but they are only band-aid cures. The problem is in the clutch design; it is a mechanical problem. The Brock's Performance GSX-R1000 Clutch Cushion Kit is a mechanical cure.

The kit includes:

  • 5 - Clutch Springs
  • 1 - Anti-Chatter Ring
  • 1 - Judder Spring
  • 1 - Spring Base