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2006-2011 Kawasaki ZX14 MTC Gen 2 Clutch

Regular price $1,910.05


This new clutch called the "Gen II Multistage Clutch" is designed and built with the same robustness as MTC has used for over 40 years in making the best products in the racing industry.

This clutch significantly reduces clutch lever efforts and yet improves clutch adjustability through its "multistage" technology.

The new design runs on engine RPM, and demonstrates a quicker reaction time and more repeatability between passes.  The new design also allows for easier dynamic spring replacement with its quick access cover plate over the springs.

Includes a tuning kit and a base set up tune courtesy of 1 Stop Speed. Our tunes have resulted in 1.2X's 60’ times on bone stock motors to 1.12 60’ times on a turbo bike. 

Whether you want to harness big power or improve consistency, this will be one of the best investments you can make for drag racing!

Requires the use of an aftermarket clutch cover!

If providing cores, before your clutch ships the OEM core outer basket with gear and 2006-2011 inner hub must be mailed to 

MTC Engineering LLC

428 Shearer Blvd

Cocoa, FL 32922